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About Us

Abbey Lane Farm Natural Body Care was created to provide you with quality & affordable non-toxic alternatives to commercial B&B products.

Formulating natural body & skincare products began as a hobby inspired by my own various skin sensitivities & reactions as well as the resultant investigation into the laundry list of questionable ingredients found in mainstream brands. At that stage of the game (life), I was post MSc and living overseas, working in the UK as quite the sustainability keener focusing on the tourism industry & responsible destination management - thus it was only fitting that the lack of recycling of 1 oz glass jam jars at a 5 star London hotel would shock and irritate me to no end & lead to incentivising the hotel staff to collect said jars in exchange for samples of body & skin care products.

Fast forward a few years (and many jars, formulation experiments & product testers) later, the wanderlust that fuelled more than a decade out of province & overseas had calmed down & in early 2014, I returned to British Columbia and began this rewarding journey of natural skincare entrepreneurship in Vancouver. 

Abbey Lane Farm itself is my parents' market farm in Lister, BC. It is both the origin of the organically grown botanicals & herbs found in my skincare line as well as my eco values (influential parents were green well before it was cool!) 
I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy creating them for you!